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Bowie Tax Services Lawyers

If you have received an audit notification from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you may be feeling anxious and overwhelmed. It is a typical reaction to finding out that you may owe money in back taxes and penalties. The best solution to the problem is to take action immediately.

At the Law Office of Walsh, Becker, Moody & Rice, we help people who have problems with the IRS. Even though it may be tempting to ignore the problem, that is not advisable. Penalties increase as more time passes. By working with our tax lawyers, you will have an ally as you face the IRS. We can help you with collection issues, IRS penalty reduction requests and more.

Advocating for You With the IRS

If you have past-due tax returns, we can prepare and file them for you.

Have you been assessed tax penalties? By negotiating with the IRS, we may be able to reduce the amount of civil and criminal penalty fees you owe.

Another option we can explore is an installment agreement for paying taxes and penalties. Under this plan, affordable payments are set up over a period of time, so you can repay your tax debt.

If you meet the qualifications, we can ask the IRS for an offer-in-compromise, which is an agreement to accept a payment that is lower than the amount you owe. The qualifications for an offer-in-compromise include doubt that the amount assessed is correct, doubt that you can ever repay the amount or additional special circumstances.

You will feel better when you take steps to solve this problem. For an appointment with our Bowie tax services attorney Jeanette Rice, call 301-262-6000 or contact us online.