Bowie Guardianship Lawyers

We can help you establish a guardianship if you need to care for an incapacitated adult or a minor child who needs someone to make legal, financial and health care decisions on their behalf.

The Law Office of Walsh, Becker, Moody & Rice has experience with all types of guardianships. Whether you need to name guardians in a will, seek guardianship of another person or resolve problems with an existing guardianship, our lawyers can assist you.

Minor Children

You may name legal guardians for your children in your will. If you die without a will, the state will decide who becomes your children’s guardian.

If you are seeking guardianship of a minor child, you must be approved by the court. You will be responsible for the child’s health care, education, food and shelter, clothing, and managing his or her finances. If the child’s parents are still alive, they should continue to support the child financially.

A guardianship terminates when the child turns 18 or when the court decides the parents are fit to raise the child.


Guardianships for mentally or physically incapacitated adults can also be specified in a will. Or, with the court’s approval, you can obtain guardianship for incapacitated persons over the age of 18 who cannot make financial, medical or legal decisions for themselves.

Adult guardianships are separated into guardian of the person and guardian of the property. Guardians of the person make decisions regarding health care, shelter, clothing and food. In general, the court will only grant a guardian the powers necessary to provide for the person.

Guardians of the property are responsible for managing the assets, including money and property. They must perform their duties in good faith to preserve the assets.

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